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Responsibility is Draupadi whereas accountability is Karna

00072 (542)So this is a bit radical statement and I am sure many would get furious. I would not be amazed if someone blames me for male chauvinism as well.

I have learnt about this observation pretty recently. For the uninformed, let me put the heading once again with proper links to further reading -

Responsibility is Draupadi whereas accountability is Karna” (Links have been embedded for Draupadi and Karna)

The question arises – Why am I saying something like that and what does it mean for businesses?

So here is the logic/explanation -

In any organization, people would want to share responsibilities. For example – an operations guy would share the responsibility of the delivery with his team members aka creative guys, technology guys, copy writers etc. “Delivery” in this case becomes a draupadi which gets shared by lots of guys. And everyone uses (misuses) it according to his wish. Let this be said here once for all – THIS IS NOT GOOD FOR BUSINESS.

Now come to accountability. Accountability is just like Karna which motivates/pushes one to do hisveer-karna-DC70_l karma knowing fully that the downfall/rise of the outcome would entirely be his. Accountability pushes one to focus on the work while fully aware that his actions would have repercussions later on. For example – Karna gifted his golden Armour and earrings to Indra fully aware that it would bring his downfall but nevertheless he went ahead and gifted it to Indra.

So what does it hold for businesses? While in any organization, draupadis would be preferred but it is very critical that Karnas are there to save them. In start-ups, most of the times, role of Karna would be played by the entrepreneur himself but conscious efforts should be made to make many more Karnas in the organization.


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