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Company of Equals – Turning bitterness into anger

This is a bit peculiar question which came up while discussion at home on some random topic. And it got me thinking which one is better? Is it anger or bitterness? But hey aren’t two same in the first place!

Wikipedia came to help. Here is the full blown article on bitterness/resentment. The sentence which elucidates the difference is -

Resentment is directed towards higher-status¬†individuals, anger is directed towards equal-status individuals and contempt is directed towards lower-status individuals.”

Therefore emotion behind both the gestures is same, what differs is where the vent is opening. And then remarkably I came across a picture which sums it up perfectly.

bitternessSo what does this hold for business owners/entrepreneurs? And this has special meaning for high achievers as well.

An entrepreneur/businessman works on steroids and is always full of energy and enthusiasm. Same goes for high achievers and it might become difficult for other people to cope up with them. There would be a disconnect between the expectations and the delivery. And it might result into a situation where entrepreneur develops contempt for his people whereas people develop bitterness since they consider him (entrepreneur) to higher status individual.

To be honest, I have myself faced this situation couple of times when I went into a zone where nothing positive could out from me but contempt. I would keep thinking to myself what useless bunch of people I have for no wrong reasons or mistakes of theirs! And I would take couple of day’s time to come out of that zone. But fortunately I have always followed the golden rule¬†which saved my a** every time. Nonetheless it was wrong on my part.

For entrepreneurs/business owners it becomes critical to observe this aspect and provide their people enough space to vent out their anger. For that to happen the entrepreneur has to become equal status individual first which in itself is a task. But once done, it would provide an economy of Equals where productivity would be highest without any resentment or bitterness.

P.S – I am still working on the same. So it is still WIP at my end. :)




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